Frozen Fish (Seabream and Seabass)

Seabass and Seabream are considered to be highly nutritious fish because they contain moderate amounts of fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, which ensure the health of the heart and other organs, help keep cholesterol levels within harmless limits, and support good memory and concentration, which makes them an ideal choice. For children, in addition to their various cooking methods.

Both seabass and seabream maintain their multiple benefits when frozen in correct ways, such as the one we use in the company and provide it to all our importers around the world.

Fish is caught in Turkey, which is famous for its abundant cultivation and fishing, and there is a continuous demand from the country’s internal restaurants for seabass and seabream fish, which makes the demand for them also great from large importers and even importers who start their first steps in understanding the fish import market in West and East.

When ordering your shipment of seabass or seabream from our side, you will find our support team with you around the clock to provide the necessary assistance from the moment of ordering until the shipment moves and arrives to you, and will also provide you with the necessary information about the type of fish that you ordered in order to ensure you the correct marketing that It generates the highest possible sales.

After agreeing on all the details of your shipment with customer service, the logistic team makes sure that the dispatch process from Turkey to the specified destination is carried out professionally and without any obstacles, such as ensuring the integrity of the packaging for all the contents of the shipment and attaching the necessary papers to ensure a smooth passage between countries until Even if there are additional fees related to customs or taxes in the receiving country for the shipment.

We allow credit system purchases under the condition of obtaining credit approval through the method by which payment will be made, with multiple deferred payment options including thirty days, forty-five days, or sixty days.

We are distinguished by the fact that we export directly from our huge facility in Turkey, and we do not have importers through us to deal with any intermediaries during the ordering process, which makes us maintain a constant quality level because we know the changing market needs and periodically study the nature of the market in the countries where our largest importers are located as well.

There is no particular country that we can say is one of the largest importers who deal with us to obtain sea bass or bream fish, as we have multiple importers around the world who are keen to deliver our products to the consumer who knows their distinction and the difference between them and any other quality of frozen fish that does not bear the necessary interest and is sought All the time, seafood is known for its mental and physical benefits, and even the benefits for athletes who are keen to choose each type of their diet very carefully.

However, we know that there are many importers of seabass and bream fish through our facility in Turkey, who have enormous marketing tools that make them considered at the fore when talking about their effective role in delivering frozen fish with high nutritional value to the local markets in their cities.

There are many sources for the production of bream and seabass, including natural sources such as fishing from the Mediterranean Sea, or through industrial sources through fish farming in floating ponds or earthen ponds.

Most Seabream fish are distinguished by their silver color, an oblong body and a rather large head, ranging in length from 25:40 cm and in weight to about one kilogram. The jaw is characterized by the presence of 6 incisors in each of the lower and upper jaws in the front.

Seabream is an animal feed that feeds on benthic animals such as mollusks, crustaceans, worms and shellfish. It is raised in shallow and deep waters in marine lakes and seas. The seed is available in nature during the months of April and May. It can also be reared in fishponds and cages, and it can be adapted to artificial feeding in the form of pellets.

It gives high growth rates in cage culture, reaching 350 grams in sixteen months.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information about frozen seabass or seabream and import it from Turkey directly to anywhere around the world.

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